Recap: TupeloLife at the Health Tech and Innovation Forum

October 12, 2017 - 2 minutes read

American Heart Association’s Health Tech and Innovation Forum (HTIF) brought together leaders in healthcare, technology, research, and innovation to advance their respective industries. The two-day event featured exhibitions, product demonstrations, panels, and keynote speakers.

TupeloLife was an active participant. Chief Executive Officer, Melvin Mathew, unveiled mymo MedCab, a smart-solution for medication management, powered by mymo.AI. Mr. Mathew also spoke about the future of healthcare involving artificial intelligence (AI).

mymo MedCab was created for better medication management MedCab dispenses the correct dosage at the correct times once user authorization is complete. The product also features two-way communication connecting the patient to healthcare providers and caregivers. Many HTIF attendees were intrigued by these AI features.  mymo.AI aims to deliver greater insight and more comprehensive data to impact research organizations, health systems, and any company providing services in the continuum care.

TupeloLife is a connected health company focused on creating technology for the areas of your life that matter: Health, Safety, Security, and Environment.  TupeloLife offers the Precision Care Platform, a complete ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and services aligned to address the needs of patients and healthcare providers looking to manage complex, chronic-disease processes. By offering high-value products and scalable solutions, TupeloLife is playing an important role in improving patient outcomes in today’s healthcare landscape. TupeloLife addresses the needs for connected medical homes (aging well and senior living), beyond medication management (hospital networks and healthcare providers), precision medicine initiatives and pharmaceutical research, and bundled payments for care improvement initiatives.  TupeloLife is a member of the American Heart Association’s Center for Health Technology and Innovation.

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