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Gain better insight by connecting with your
patients in ways that matter to you.

Precision Care Platform

Connecting the Areas of Your Life That Matter:
Health, Safety, Security, and Environment

Solutions for:

Precision Medicine Initiatives


Research Organizations

University Medical Centers
Hospital Networks

Physician Groups


Accountable Care Organizations

Government Agencies

Health Plans and Payers
Post-Acute Care Providers

Senior Living Communities

Care Transition Coordinators

Aging Well and Families

Enabled through industry-leading Telehealth technology
addressing the new 3 P’s of healthcare:


Delivering the right care,

to the right person,

at the right time.


Achieving individualized care,

at scale.


Predicting problems;

achieving outcomes


Moving beyond population health management, the next and final vision is precision care - the right treatment, at the right time, for the right person, leading to the optimal outcome. No matter the size of the population, TupeloLife enables precision for everyone.

Collect the Right Data

Obtain the data that matters:
behavior and lifestyle,
environmental, and medical.

Attain Deeper Insight; Provide Better Care

Discover actionable insights
and improve care by refining
interventions to meet the exact

Quadruple Aim

Meet the triple aim objectives
and improve work-life balance
of healthcare providers


Personalization that ushers a new level of user-health awareness, engagement, and treatment. TupeloLife leverages Artificial Intelligence to combine individual-level data, preferences, and ever-evolving treatment/interventions.

Omni-Channel Delivery

Meeting every user where they
are most comfortable:
tablet, texting, web-portal,
voice activated assistant, etc.

Personalized Care Plans

Care plans that address each
patient’s holistic health status
and unique life goals.


Artificial Intelligence enabled
to meet patient's ever-changing,
ever-evolving needs, preferences,
and supports.


Prevention is more than decreasing chronic disease prevalence and addressing community health. Prevention is a key construct that aligns most strongly with the types of outcomes that TupeloLife achieves: prevent something worse- disease state, hospital readmission, drug contraindications, unnecessary surgery, and even death.

Robust Monitoring

Utilizing each interaction with
any solution ecosystem,
TupeloLife enhances the scope
and degree of in-home monitoring.

Timely Interventions

Advanced predictive analytics
powered by Artificial Intelligence support
interventions that are
truly preventative.


Maximizing collaboration
between all individuals involved
in the care continuum lays the
foundation for improved care
and controlled costs.

Precision Care Platform

A complete ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and services aligned to the following areas:

Connected Medical Home

Proactively support aging well by monitoring health status, safety considerations, and environmental conditions to deliver high-quality, all-encompassing care, while reducing costs.

Beyond Medication Management

Securely dispense, monitor, and manage complex medication regimens while monitoring side-effects and treatment impact.

Precision Medicine Initiatives and Pharmaceutical Research

Complete the precision medicine cycle and enhance clinical trials using our AI-driven in-home point of care solution. Acquire accurate, robust, near real-time data, and enhance trial surveillance, while delivering high quality and safe trials, and more impactful engagement for enhanced trial participation.

Bundled Payments Care Improvements (BPCI)

Achieve BPCI aims and goals by identifying patient needs near-real time, improving health outcomes, enhancing the healthcare experience, and containing costs.

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