Making the Holidays Special for Elderly Loved Ones

December 19, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Christmas is a special time for family and for reflecting on the past year. But sometimes the holidays don’t feel jolly, especially to older family members.

Whether they are coping with the loss of a loved one, struggling with financial burdens, or feeling overwhelmed with too much to do, family caregivers and loved ones can help.

If you notice a change in an elderly family members health or demeanor, speak with them about it. Offer to schedule or accompany them to an appointment with their healthcare provider to ensure their health is in check, their medications are being properly managed, and their vital signs are within a healthy range.

Also be mindful of what has their spirits down and offer help where appropriate. Allow your loved one to share stories and memories of a deceased loved one. Assist in reviewing their finances and help them realize that time with family is more important than gifts. Prioritize a realistic task list and enlist the help of other family members when it comes to cleaning and preparing holiday meals.

Other ideas for spending time with elderly loved ones include:

  • Making holiday cookies – Share your favorite baking memories and ask about traditional family recipes.
  • Church Activities – If you or your loved one is a church goer, many churches are filled with holiday activities that need volunteers.
  • Volunteering – Does your family member love children? Visit a children’s hospital. Feeding the homeless can be heartfelt and humbling.
  • Exercise – Take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the Christmas lights and decorations, being mindful of the physical limitations of your loved one.

By taking extra time with and care of our family members, we are able to make lasting holiday memories that will be cherished for years to come.

TupeloLife would like to wish all our partners and our clients a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year.