Precision Care Platform

AI driven ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and services aligned to support
your organizational goals.

Enabled through industry-leading telehealth technology addressing the new 3 P’s
of healthcare


Delivering the right care, to the right person, at the right time.


Achieving individualized care, at scale.


Predicting problems; achieving quality outcomes.

We provided dedicate Precision Care Platforms for the following:

Connected Medical Home

Independent Senior Living

Assisted Living Facilities

Post-Acute Care Providers

Beyond Medication Management

Hospital Systems

Physician Groups


Government Agencies

Precision Medicine Initiatives and Pharmaceutical Research

Precision Medicine Initiatives

University Researchers


Bundled Payments for Care Improvement

Health Care Systems

Accountable Care Organizations

Health Plans

Connected Medical Home

Connect with aging well residents to understand their journey and healthcare needs and achieve:

– Improved management of complex, chronic disease 

– Monitor environment to ensure safety and security

– Scalable personal attention with voice-activated response systems, monitoring tools, and medication management

– Early detection of warning signs to prevent hospital readmissions and attend to immediate needs

– Peace of mind to local and distant family members and caregivers


Beyond Medication Management

Manage complex and polypharmacy patients to achieve high levels of adherence and compliance:

- Enhance collaboration within network hospital systems, providers, care coordination teams, and pharmacist (Medication Management Therapy and Comprehensive Medication Management)

- Control costs and improve outcomes with optimal prescribing

- Robust and impactful health monitoring and management

- Medication education and best practices

Precision Medicine Initiatives & Pharmaceutical Research

Leverage AI driven in-home point of care solution to complete the precision medicine cycle and enhance clinical trials to:

-  Manage program adherence and enhance the amount and quality of data

- Enhance patient engagement by supporting participant preferences

-  Improve clinic efficiencies, reduce clinic/operational costs

-  Promote subject participation with added conveniences that decrease travel requirements and provided additional value (medication management, etc.)

-  Track and record reactions to improve intervention time for potentially adverse effects


Bundled Payments for Care Improvements (BPCI)

Precision health management solution to support BPCI:

- Improve patient recovery and satisfaction

- Decrease early readmissions and ED visits

- Support revenue management associated with bundled payments

- Gather key data to achieve and demonstrate value-based care goals

- Precision care plans with medication education and best practices

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