mymo MedCab a Finalist in AHA’s Health Tech Competition 2017

October 31, 2017 - 1 minute read

Just announced: mymo MedCab is a finalist in the American Heart Association’s Health Tech Competition 2017! The Health Tech Competition is part of AHA’s Scientific Sessions 2017, November 11-15 in Anaheim, California. Scientific Sessions showcases the newest cutting-edge science and clinical practices, and TupeloLife is thrilled to be part of the future of healthcare and medication management.

mymo MedCab is a smart medicine cabinet with an API open architecture solution and the first AI supported in-home point of care solution. It is designed to help manage medication therapy delivery for high-risk patients, connect them to providers, caregivers, and family, and enable remote monitoring of their progress, while supporting their recovery and health goals.

mymo MedCab is one piece offered in TupeloLife’s Precision Care Platform, a complete ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and services aligned to address the needs of connected medical homes, beyond medication management (hospital networks, and healthcare providers), precision medicine initiatives and pharmaceutical research, and bundled payments for care improvement initiatives.

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